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How to Make Meditation a Habit

Tired of setting goals and not achieving them? When you know how to form a new habit, then you can turn success into a series of daily actions. This lecture can help you not only help you develop the routine of meditating, but it will teach you how to create any habit that you desire. The trick...


The History of Qigong Health Practices

Introduction Medical qigong uses qigong exercises to modify or moderate chronic disease and injury. Qigong is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M.); as a result, the foundation of medical Qigong is the theory and diagnosis practices of T.C.M. The focus in this method of...


My Journey to Health

Thanks for taking the time to read about the personal side of this blog. My journey to discovering this philosophy has been interesting to say the least. I started training in martial arts in 1993 at the age of 13 under the guidance of a very influential mentor. The way I was trained combined...