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A proven, step by step method to create well-being and vitality. Jade Dragon Meditation combines ancient wisdom with modern science to bring you health, strength, and peace of mind.

We honor our past by transforming our future.

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The Jade Dragon Qigong School teaches practical techniques to help you on your journey to happiness, a calm mind, and a strong body.

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"Dr. Dave is a fabulous teacher and practitioner !! I can’t recommended him enough. I now have 3 of his courses online. There is so much information in each one! He is very knowledgeable!! In Person, we went over the “healing sounds Qigong course.” He was very patient and took the time to make sure I had proper body alignment as well as the proper postures and hand movements while practicing the actual healing sounds. This course is very descriptive and you will have so much more insight on Chinese medicine and Qigong!! I can’t wait for more of his courses! Thanks again for sharing all this history and knowledge!!"

- Melissa

"Jade Dragon Qigong courses are excellent and packed with great information at a very understandable quality. The instructor is experienced, knowledgeable, sincere, direct and caring."
- Pat

"This course was just what I needed to help me practice balancing my energy and focusing on my brain. I found an improvement in my brain activity and energy after practicing just a handful of times."
- Sabrina


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